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Brand Consolidation Services

Brand Review

Step 1: Brand Review

If someone did an online search for your business, will they discover a unified you? Is your message clear, or does it reflect years of cut-and-paste outdated images and obsolete information? Are all your pages providing the same address and phone number? We know what customers are looking for, and how to fix your 'broken message'. If you do not know how to do this, fear not. Allow us to do a 'Brand Review' to get the ball rolling. The sooner we start, the faster you will get to where you are heading. Managing big dreams is no small task™.


Step 2: Buttoning Up

After our thorough review, it is time to help you tell your story well. We branch out from your core message and distribute this across all your social media, videos, blog, website, and more. Our objectivity and honesty help keep you focussed on your demographic, wisely crafting your target message.
Do you have high-quality photos for your website, and recent quality headshots of your team, or products that need to be showcased with quality visuals? We all need great video telling our unique story, showcasing our products and services. Are your videos high quality and current? We have very affordable solutions for you.

'Designing' your message

Step 3: Message Design

By now we know the good, the bad, and the 'has-to-go' ugly. We work with you to establish that look and feel; that unified message so clients, current and future, will feel comfortable knowing that they are doing business with professionals. We have completed this very important process for our own business, as well as for others, who are a living example of the results of our focused efforts. This entire process can be done within days. Once you have momentum, we can help make sure you are 'partnered' with a vendor who cares greatly about your success. Vendor = us!

Video Production


• Business Overview Videos
• Interviews & Testimonials
• Television Commercials
• YouTube Videos
• Product Demonstration Videos
• Professional Green Screen
• Large Studio Available
• Training Videos

Professional Photography


• Head Shots - LinkedIn, Website
• Group Photos
• Product Photography
• Before and After Comparisons
• Social Media
• Around the Office
• Small & Large Studio
• No more stock photos

Internet Coding


• High Quality Images & Video
• Fast Loading Web Sites
• Branded Video Hosting
• Print and Internet Quality
• SEO Friendly Tags
• Website Tracking Analytics
• We Handle Coding & Formatting